Robobricks with App

Empower your child to be an independent thinker!


*Starter Curriculum Pack Included

What’s in the box
What will your child learn
  • Learning games called Hello English, Smart Math and Yes/No Games.
  • Hello English encourages kids to learn the English Language through games comprising of up to 3 levels.
  • Smart Math is a self learning game for basic mathematics comprising of up to 3 levels.
  • Yes or No is a game where the player has to respond to simple "Yes” or "No” to trivia questions that generated randomly.
  • One Wand (R|G|B)
  • Organizer Trays - 3
  • 44 coding chips
  • Games - 8 Musical notes, 5 instruments, 1 Rhyme, Hello English, Smart Math, Yes or No and Customization, Learn to Code, Taco Says, Find|Mix Colours, Discover Shape, Follow Me and Find the Secret Code
  • Hello English : Alphabets | Spelling | Finding Objects | Vocabulary
  • Smart Math : Counting | Addition and Subtraction
  • Boost confidence in Math : Before, After and In between | Mental Math
  • Yes or No Game : Number sense | Greater than and Less than
  • Yes or No Game : General knowledge quiz and Trivia
  • Play and Learn in any language : record your own questions