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The Meritus course is tailored to support learners aspiring to secure admission to the esteemed 4-year Bachelor's degree program in Data Science at IIT Madras.

Welcome to our expert coaching program for IIT Madras qualifier exams. We specialize in helping aspiring Data Scientists, AI, and Machine learning enthusiasts realize their dreams ! Pave your way to success with our guidance, comprehensive study materials, and proven strategies.

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Physical Study Centre
23-24 Batch

6 Months - 200 Hrs M-F | Day time 8-10 Hours Per Week

*Classes Start - Sep’2023 *Classes End - Feb’ 2024 *IIT Qualifier Exam - Mar’ 2024

Physical Study Centre
23-24 Batch

9/12 Months - 200 Hrs M-F Evenings & Weekends 4-5 Hours Per Week

*Classes Start - Sep’2023 *Classes End - Jun/Aug’ 2024 *IIT Qualifier Exam - Jul/Oct’ 2024

Who is it for?

  • 1

    Aspiring Learners from ages 18-75.

  • 2

    Qualifier exam can be taken in 11th* Grade or 12th Grade or even later. By the time you enter grade 12*, you will already be sure that you have got admission into the 4 year IITM degree programme i.e. on successfully passing the qualifying exams.

  • 3

    Option to complete 4 years B.S Program in 3 years.

  • 4

    For the first time, Indian students can work towards a single degree or a dual degree simultaneously. Dual Degree Option: You could be studying B.Com or BCA or B.Sc or MBBS or Law or Engineering or BBA or any other degree and still get this 4 year IIT degree in parallel.

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Classes Starts Aug-Sep’23
Grade 11, Grade 12, 12th passouts

NIOS | CBSE | ICSE | Cambridge | State Board

Aspiring Learners studying or having degrees in

B Com / M Com | BSc / MSc| BCA / MCA | BBA / MBA | Humanities | Commerce

Why do you need a IIT Degree?

Here are 10 Reasons - Key to your Child’s ultimate success !

  • Brand IIT is World famous.
  • Opens the doors to a STEM Opt Visa to USA.
  • Prestige and Recognition in Society.
  • Globally Recognized Degree.
  • IIT’s are known for Quality Education.
  • Strong industry connections - Pathways to internships & job placements.
  • Research Opportunities- Internationally in Industry and Universities.
  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystem – IIT founders are known for creating many start up’s & Unicorns globally.
  • Connect to a well established global Alumni Network.
  • Preference for Singapore PR.
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Why Meritus Academy?

Realize your child's dream of admission to IITs with our guidance and support.

  • IITM Alumnus Founders & Governing Board

    Founded by IITM Alumnus & guided by a respected International Governing Board.

  • Curriculum

    Industry-driven with input from Microsoft USA, Stanford USA, and an International Governing Board.

  • Top Class Faculty

    Learn from carefully curated courses taught by experienced Meritus faculty

  • Course Support

    Each course will have online discussion forums with an active academic team to help in clearing doubts.

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The 7 key challenges of getting into IIT via JEE

The Hurdles that plays a major role in securing admission into IIT.

  • Rigorous entrance exams + Vast syllabus - JEE Main + JEE Advanced.
  • Intense competition – ~ 11 lakhs students appear for JEE, for an intake of only 17,385 seats - only ~ 1.6% succeed.
  • Even if you get into IIT, there is a chance of not getting the desired branch.
  • Age cutoff.
  • Highly expensive charges by coaching institutes.
  • Balancing Board Exams and JEE preparation.
  • Calling for immense hard work and preparation.
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“In the next few years, the country will need Five Lakh trained Data Scientists.”

V Kamakoti
Director, IIT Madras, May, 2023.

Making a Difference

Gain micro credentials and certifications, additionally

Option to obtain AI & Data Science certifications, at a nominal cost after completing our program



Certiport, USA

NSIM (National Skill India Mission)

Why Learning Data Science is important?

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, data science has emerged as a game-changer. It offers immense opportunities and exciting career prospects. This section highlights the compelling reasons why parents and students should consider learning data science, showcasing its ability to foster critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and open doors to a wide range of lucrative career paths.

By 2026, the world will need 11.5 Million Data Scientists and this number is expected to grow even higher.
The annual median base salary for Data Science positions range from $106,000 to $115,000, thereby making it one of the most sought after courses by college students & working professionals alike.
The revenue forecast for the Data Science industry in 2030 is expected to grow to $695.0 Bln from a market size of $95.31 Bln in 2021
Data Science will be playing an even bigger role in functions across various industries which include - BFSI, Retail & E-Commerce, Telecom & IT, Media & Entertainment, Education,Healthcare, Manufacturing, Transportation Energy & Utilities and many others.

Expert Governing Board

We are proud to have an exceptional Expert Advisory Board consisting of renowned professionals in the fields of AI, Computer Science, and Robotics Education. Their expertise and guidance ensure that our students receive the highest quality education, keeping them at the forefront of academic excellence.

Ramana Prasad

IITM alumnus, Gov Council CFI IITM, Gov Council Engg Design Dept IITM.

Dr Pratyush Kumar

Researcher, Microsoft Former Asst. Professor at IITM

Dr. Umesh

IITM Alumnus & Prof. Washington State University, USA.

Dr Swaminathan

Dean, Sastra University.

Dr Ken Kahn

Professor, Oxford University,UK.

Dr W Slany

Professor, Graz University of Technology, Austria.

Dr Donna Knoell

STEM Educator, USA.

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