Playbits CStem Kit

Master Mind | Key to unlocking your child’s inner genius !


What’s in the box
What will your child learn
  • Pick and mix colors using color coding chips.
  • Play memory and logic games involving colors.
  • Taco Says & Follow Me is a memory skill game.
  • Find the Secret Code is a code solving game of 2 levels involving Logical thinking using process of elimination.
  • Learn to Code is a game that introduces young kids to the basics of Computational thinking concepts such as pattern recognition and algorithm design using simple "forward”, "backward”, "left” and "right” instructions.
  • Yes or No is a game where the player has to respond to simple "Yes” or "No” to trivia questions that generated randomly.
  • INVITATION TO PLAY: Play & Learn in any language : record your own questions.
  • MOQ : 1 Tub {3 kits in a tub} - One Playbits Cstem Kit Consist of
  • One Wand (R|G|B), with inbuilt rechargeable battery.
  • Organizer Trays - 2
  • 40 coding chips
  • Games - Learn to Code, Taco Says, Find|Mix Colours, Discover Shape, Follow Me & Find the Secret Code, Yes or No.
  • Activity Sheets
  • Createful Art : Find Color | Mix Color | Discover Shapes
  • Brain Training : Play Memory & Logical thinking Games
  • Computational thinking skills : Play Learn to Code Games
  • Focus on mastering : Problem Solving |Critical thinking |Stem Skills
  • Creative coding : Sequential | Step by Step | Decision making
  • Smart Math : Counting | Addition & Subtraction
  • Boost confidence in Math : Before, After & In between | Mental Math
  • Yes or No Game : Number sense | Greater than & Less than
  • Yes or No Game : General knowledge quiz & Trivia