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At Robotix, kids and teens build valuable S.T.E.M skills and 21st-century skills through personalized and interactive learning experience. Students experience learning from world-class products and tools from MIT, USA, and other places like Korea, Japan and Europe. Programmes like Coding, Robotics, App development, and DIY activities will inspire kids to be inventors and creators and develop 21st-century skills. Future jobs in the STEM field are the fastest growing and it’ll be crucial for our kids to be equipped with the right skills to be prepared for the future job market.

What skills does your child need to survive the changing world?

We are living in exciting times set to witness the tipping point of a Digital Tsunami.
It is predicted that in the next 15 years, Autonomous Electric vehicles, Data science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and shared economy business will all change the complete landscape in a way that will benefit Humanity and our planet.
With such major technological advancements on the anvil and the future looking so amazing, it is important for the next generation of children to possess the requisite thinking skills.
Flip side is otherwise the digital divide will widen and leave countries & societies, culturally and economically weaker.
These disruptive technologies will offer unparalleled opportunities for the next generation - your child !
Phiro, Taco playbits, Taco Robobricks are designed to equip your child with 21st century skills - Making them future ready!


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Innovation, creativity, grit, resilience, critical thinking, collaboration and confidence are important skills to develop in the younger generation.

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