Robobricks is a screen free interactive robotic construction toy bringing moments of magic to a child’s playtime. Kids ages 4 & above, can build & code, bringing robots to life with motors, CPU, Sensors, Wand, coding chips, Audio Sound block, LED Light block and using Morphun/Lego/Duplo bricks.

I2 DIY Kit

  • I2 DIY kit includes motors, Controller and Paper craft templates.
  • Kids make their favourite characters or models using the paper craft templates and make them move using the easy to fit magnetic motors.
  • Kids can control the motors using a DIY controller included in the box which offers all directions of movement using 4 buttons.

CR8 Kit

  • CR8 kit includes Motors, Brain Brick, Sensors, LED, Speaker and Pre-programmed Brick.
  • Kids can construct predefined models using the Lego Duplo blocks and Morphun blocks and bring them to life using our smart blocks.
  • The predefined models can be triggered using the Pre-programmed brick and then Kids enjoy seeing the models move and make sound, Light up etc.,

C-STEM Robotics Kit

  • C-STEM Robotics kit includes Motors, Brain Block, LED Block, Speaker Block, Sensor Blocks, Magic Wand and Coding chips
  • Kids can bring their imagination to reality using the Lego Duplo orMorphun blocks and bring them to life using our smart blocks.
  • Kids can program their model using the magic wand and coding chips. Coding their models in tangible manner helps them understand and debug much better.

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