What is

Taco Playbits is an interactive Screen Free STEM educational tools for kids ages 3+.

Simply tap on the coding Chips with the Smart Wand to begin your child's journey of self-learning.

Learn ABC's, Music, Math, Coding, Memory & Logic games & much more.

Infinite play opportunities | Challenging games.

Taco line of educational tools enables learning 21st-century skills through hands-on tactile play and to have natural interactions between the player & the Coding educational tools.

What will your child learn

Taco Playbits was conceptualized and created with educational value at its core.

The gamified learning approach provides for some of the most interesting challenges and to have natural interactions between the child & the Smart connected Educational Tools.

Parents or Educators can record their own questions in their own voice in any language using the special customization feature via our free software for Mac | Windows.

What more it is also Braille compatible, enabling visually impaired children to play and learn.

Taco is a flexible & scalable learning educational tools : Use the same wand and buy extra Game chips only as & when needed. Real value for money!

Mynd Works




Record your Own Questions in any Language using Taco Playbits Software

Software Download Available for


Your smart Taco wand comes pre-loaded with software for all 4 games viz Little Musician,C STEM, Hello English & Mynd Works.

So, anytime in the future you can upgrade by buying only "Coding Chips".