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A Magical Screen-Free educational tools

Know techie - Screen-Free Playbits

Brings back imaginative play while learning critical stem skills

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Indian educational tools specialist launches smart non-screen learning tool on global crowdfunding site


Educating Screen-Free STEM Educational Tools Hits Crowdfunding Goal

Code for Children

Kids Can Use Their Imaginations To Learn Stem Skills With Taco Playbits

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Robotix Unveils TACO Playbits, Robobricks For Kids

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Help Your Kids Learn As They Play With The Taco Playbits Screen-Free Coding Educational Tools

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The Global Launch Of Two 'Smart Connected' Educational Tools ' Playbits' And ' Robobricks' For Kids In The Age Of Group Three And Seven In Las Vegas

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Educational Tools of the Future | Robotix Unveils World's First Screen-free Tech Educational Tools


Robotix's Playbits is a Tangible Educational Tools That Teaches Coding to Kids


Sweet Teched-Out Educational Tools for Kids


The Best Kids Educational Tools Announced At CES 2018 - Playbits & Robobricks

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