Hello English Kit

Empower your child to be an independent learner of English!


What’s in the box
What will your child learn
A Self Learning educational tools | perfect to Learn English.

Key skills - your child will acquire with the Hello ABC kit
  • Learn to Spell
  • Find & identify objects
  • Improve vocabulary
  • Find Alphabets
  • One Wand (R|G|B), with inbuilt rechargeable battery
  • Organizer Trays - 2
  • 29 coding chips including Volume Control.
  • Games: Find Objects, Find Alphabets, Vocabulary.
TACO Playbits 'Hello English' package focuses on helping the child learn through play and develop essential childhood skills such as cognitive, sensory, communication & social skills via activities that involve:

  • Literacy: learning spellings and identifying objects via their Alphabets
  • Language enrichment: Vocabulary enrichment through proper pronunciation of Alphabets and words.
  • Social interaction: Play with collaborative learning.
  • Sensory integration: Develop tactile exploration and listening skills.