Little Inventor



What’s in the box
What will your child learn
  • Children can independently build robotic models using bricks supplied by us along with our smart motors and Bring to life using wireless playpad controller.
  • The Little Inventor kit is also compatible with Duplo®, Morphun®, Mega® and Lego® bricks.
  • Parents can help their children to cut the paper craft and create 3D models.
  • Children can make creations using 3D Papercraft or with Bricks.
  • This unique combination empowers children to explore magical, whimsical, imaginary worlds, seamlessly blending with real life and digital experiences.
  • Inspiring stories brick by brick
  • Wireless Play pad controller
  • 2 Motors
  • 74 Bricks
  • 2 Castor block
  • 2 Base 2x4
  • 2 Base 2x2
  • Motor to Axle Converter 4 (2 for Morphun® , 2 for Duplo®)
  • 2 Wheels
  • Learning by making .
  • Inspiring imagination and Creativity
  • Encouraging innovative thinking.