Phiro Pro

Program & Control Phiro Wirelessly!


What’s in the box
What will your child learn
  • Phiro Pro engages young people from the ages of 9 to 18 by stimulating coding concepts through open-source programming platforms.
  • Program & control Phiro Pro wirelessly with a computer, tablet or smartphone connected via bluetooth mode with the following programming platforms:
    • Scratch 2.0 (MIT, USA),
    • Snap4Arduino (UC Berkeley/Citilab, Spain),
    • Pocket Code mobile app (Catrobat project headquartered at Graz University of Technology, Austria).
  • What’s more - Phiro is also Lego® and Arduino compatible. Lesson plans and educator guides developed by ROBOTIX are multidisciplinary and available. Users can also connect to a community on-line enabling collaboration, sharing & learning.

  • MOQ : 1 Tub {3 Phiro in a tub}
  • Phiro PRO Robot - 3
  • USB Charging Cable - 3
  • PHIRO Swish Card (75 Cards) - 3
  • Phiro LEGO® Accessory - 3
  • Phiro Smartphone Mount - 3
  • Accessory Clip - 3
  • Creative skills : Creating Algorithms and translating into programs for Phiro
  • Focus on mastering : Critical thinking through troubleshooting programs
  • Programming Skills : Advanced programs using Conditionals, Loops, Nested loops, Variables etc.
  • Logical Skills: Conditional and Relational Concepts
  • Development Skills: Creating programs for real world application and testing them with Phiro | Encouraging the child to be an independent and innovative thinker.