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Chennai-Based Sisters Build Futures of Orphaned Girls.

The Annai Ashram is an orphanage for girls in KK Nagar, Trichy that has changed completely thanks to the Robotix Learning Solutions. The Robotix Learning Solutions is an organization founded by sisters Aditi Prasad and Deepti Rao Suchindran. According to them, the number of women in STEM fields is small when compared to the men. Their goal is to teach programming to young girls, who, they hope, will grow up to establish careers in STEM. They teach the girls (between the ages of 6 and 12) of the Annai Ashram coding for free once a week every week throughout the year. They call this program “Indian Girls Code”.

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Lack Of Women In STEM: Bridging The Gender Gap.

Lack Of Women In STEM: Bridging The Gender Gap We are well aware that there is a significant gender gap in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and an ever larger gap for minority women in these fields. The lack of women in STEM means we are missing out on half the population’s skills, perspectives

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Kids Creating Code for a Real-World Problem.

Kids Creating Code for a Real-World Problem In Tamil Nadu, South India, there are more smartphones than toilets and 60% of people openly defecate. Prime Minister Modi and NGOs have created initiatives that have increased the number of toilets in India. Open defecation leads to sanitation related illnesses such as diarrhoea, malaria and in some

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Hole In The Wall.

Hole In The Wall We love this story and initiative! Hole In The Wall is an innovative learning methodology conceived by Dr Sugata Mitra with the question that if children were given free and unsupervised access to a computer, what would they do? In 1999, Dr Mitra placed a freely accessible computer, without any instructions,

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10 Ways To Inspire Young Girls To Be Innovators Have you ever wondered what your daughter’s future would be like if, at a very young age, she had an idea that could improve life for countless people? Shalini Kumari, at the age of 12, noticed a need of her physically handicapped grandfather to climb stairs

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Robotix + Ford Teaching Coding and Robotics to Underprivileged Kids in India.

ROBOTIX + FORD Teaching Coding and Robotics to Underprivileged Kids in India We are very excited to announce that Robotix has partnered with Ford Motor Company, India, through their Light House Project initiative, to teach Coding and Robotics to 50 underprivileged girls and boys at the Kannagi Nagar School, Chennai, India. This 20-week program, designed specially

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