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Chennai-Based Sisters Build Futures of Orphaned Girls.

The Annai Ashram is an orphanage for girls in KK Nagar, Trichy that has changed completely thanks to the Robotix Learning Solutions. The Robotix Learning Solutions is an organization founded by sisters Aditi Prasad and Deepti Rao Suchindran. According to them, the number of women in STEM fields is small when compared to the men. Their goal is to teach programming to young girls, who, they hope, will grow up to establish careers in STEM. They teach the girls (between the ages of 6 and 12) of the Annai Ashram coding for free once a week every week throughout the year. They call this program "Indian Girls Code”.

This program aims to bridge the gender gap in STEM in future generations and to boost the self-confidence of the orphans, whose regular routine hardly helps in this. They usually end up doing more chores than learning, and find it difficult to make a future for themselves. This program is a ray of hope for these underprivileged children, who really look forward to their weekly sessions.

When interviewed, Aditi says they are very smart and can grasp concepts easily. She also adds that they have created many cool programs. For example, during the floods in Chennai, the girls created their own stories about what happened and how we could help prevent such disasters in the future. She goes on to say that she hopes the kids will now use their skills to make robots that can perform simple tasks, such as waste segregation.

Robotix Learning Solutions also holds after school programs and summer camps. They host an annual robotics competition every year called the Indian Robotix League, in which they have a girls’ team award.

Author : Kavitha Kannan | Teacher @ BVM International School
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