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A child needs to be addressed in learn various aspects of future technology through playful learning. Introducing Phiro, an  educational tools which stimulates learning through play for children ages 4 to 18. Phiro is equipped with 2 RGB LED’s, 6 IR sensors, 2 powerful motors which are programmable to build a robot based on a child’s imagination.  

 1)    Phiro - An non-hazardous educational tools:

Phiro has been tested and certified as per world’s child safety regulations by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and CE (Certification mark).

2)   Children develop problem solving skills through phiro:
Phiro has directional keys ,the keys are pressed in a sequence and played to solve a particular maze challenge. These maze activities develops a child’s  patience , hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills ,never give up attitude and realizing about the rewards of handwork.    


 3)   Phiro teaches Colors through coding:

Phiro is equipped with 2 RGB LED’s that teaches preschoolers about color recognition through programming which is a milestone in a child’s cognitive process.

4)    What skills can a child develop by combining Phiro and Lego blocks :-    
A child develops gross motor skills , innovative skills and imaginative skills by building models with  Lego blocks and  phiro and programming the model through screen free coding for children ages from 3 to 6 and moving on to screen coding for 6 and above.      

5)    Learning Computer science concepts with phiro:

Phiro is used to teach computer science basics like binary coding, logical conditions like if,then,else statements through tangible coding like swish cards and software's like Scratch and Pocket code mobile app.

6)    SCRATCH & POCKET CODE           

Children can program phiro through laptops and android phones using software's like scratch and pocket code.  Scratch ,an MIT open-source software which are used by children around the world can be used to teach advance programming concepts through Phiro

Pocket code, an Mobile app can be used to program PHIRO which integrates Phiro with your phone to create various projects.

7)    Phiro can be used as a open-source prototyping platform:

Phiro can be integrated with Open source micro controllers like Arduino where children can learn programming ,electronics and prototyping where they can create actual robots.

8)    Phiro can be used to teach concepts of AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Recent study shows artificial intelligence will take over the world that children should be introduced to artificial intelligence at their earlier stages of life to compete in the future job market. Phiro teaches concepts like facial recognition ,Speech recognition etc where children will have a clear understanding of Artificial Intelligence.

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There are very few educational robots in the market which can be used from Kindergarten to High School. Phiro covers wide range of concepts in the field of  Robotics and coding that it’s recommended by majority of parents and educators around the world.

Author : Prince Siddharth,  Product Manager, Robotix USA India