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Is Screen Time bad for pre school kids upto age 5 ?

Tips to "Find the right balance”

It all adds up.

Cartoon on mobile at lunch, watching on a tab in the car, watching TV at
dinner, just before bed and the list goes on.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children of pre-school age should’nt
have more than one hour of screen time per day.

But the reality is that children learn to use screen technology before they can walk, talk or

Research suggests that too much screen time is harmful for kids. From warnings
about eye sight damage to negative shifts in brain connectivity, many parents are
struggling to find a solution, especially when their child is showing signs of screen
addiction. Chris Smith | Know Techie | September 12, 2018

So it's important to understand how too much screen time (TV | Smart Phone | I Pad | Tab |
Lap Top) could be harmful to small kids.

What are the Negative Effects of Too Much Screen Time as per Research ?

A. Obesity: Too much time engaging in sedentary activity, such as watching TV and
playing video games, can be a risk factor for becoming overweight.

B. Sleep problems: Although many parents use TV to wind down before bed, screen
time before bed can backfire. The light emitted from screens interferes with the sleep
cycle in the brain and can lead to insomnia.

CBehavior problems: Elementary school-age children who watch TV or use a
computer more than two hours per day are more likely to have emotional, social, and
attention problems.

D. Educational problems: Elementary school-age children who have televisions in their
bedrooms do worse on academic testing.

E. Violence: Exposure to violent TV shows, movies, music, and video games can cause
children to become desensitized to it. Eventually, they may use violence to solve
problems and may imitate what they see on TV.

F. Mental Health: Strong research has been coming in over the last several years,
suggesting that looking at screens for hours a day can have some serious health and
mental health consequences. One new study finds that time spent on screens is linked
to not-so-great shifts in brain connectivity, while reading is linked to more beneficial

So what should I as a parent do ?

Here are few tips to "Finding the right balance”

1) Establish Rules with Screens

Telling your child to turn off his/her video games while you're sitting in front of the TV
won't do anyone any good. It's important for you to set healthy limits on your electronics
use for your own sake, as well as your child's sake.

It’s helpful to set up limits & expectations early. Scaling down later maybe a challenge!
Here are few suggestions

a) No digital devices during meals.
b) No screen time in the car.
c) No screens allowed in bedrooms.
d) No electronics use during family fun nights.
e) Finally, no more than one hour screen time per day!

2) Value of Play time | Face to Face time

The early years are critical for children to spend quality face to face time with parents.
Play with your kids outdoors or indoors! Read them a book, play with blocks, and explore
puzzles allowing for them to be curious.

3) Buy for your little ones, screen free educational tools!

Here are few additional resources which may be of help !

Screen-Free Parenting is a blog designed to support families. Screen-free, screen-limiters or
screen-embracers all deserve research-based information to help them make the best tech-
wise choices for their families.

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