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Its 2030, you drive your autonomous Electric Tesla car into the driveway, open your house door with voice control and walk in to spend the evening with your family. You know your kids are home because you got a notification on your smartphone from your personal home robot. But wait, your fridge has sent your phone a notification that you’re out of eggs and milk! "Hey Alexa! We need eggs and milk by tonight!” PING, the doorbell rings, 1 hour later, Amazon delivers your order to your doorstep. After dinner, which was cooked in your super smart oven that knows exactly how you like your pizza, your family spends the evening playing augmented reality games (which by the way can teach your kids too, but they still prefer to play!)

It’s a lot of fun to think about how technology will simplify our day to day tasks, but there’s a lot of work to do! We are living in exciting times. We are today, at the tipping point of witnessing a Digital & an IT Tsunami.

Autonomous Electric vehicles, Data science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, shared economy business like Uber/Airbnb will all change the complete landscape of countries and societies. These disruptive technologies will offer unparalleled opportunities for risk takers and innovators.

The good news is that pretty much everything from healthcare to agriculture and economics to education will be altered in a way that will benefit humanity and our planet!

A future that is so amazing, YOU are destined to play an important role shaping a much better planet. YOU will rewrite history. So what do we need to do now, to be ready for the future job market? Here are some skill areas to work on!

  • 1. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M) concept skills
  • 2. Problem Solving and Computational Thinking
  • 3. Creativity
  • 4. Innovation
  • 5. Lifelong learning
  • 6. Social and emotional intelligence

 Author: Aditi Prasad | COO of Robotix