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We are so excited about Phiro’s Arduino Compatibility and Connectivity as this enables endless tinkering and inventing for children!

The bluetooth enabled Phiro Arduino Shield can be connected to an Arduino UNO board which can be programmed and controlled via the Pocket Code App, simultaneously with Phiro Pro. This means that kids can now program and control upto 6 additional motors​ – 2 LEGO® motors​, 2 DC motors and 2 Servo motors. ​

This design can also interface with additional sensor(s) available in the market that can be added onto​ the Arduino Shield, to enhance Phiro’s capabilities. The additional motor and sensor support makes Phiro’s capabilities limitless!​

With the Phiro Arduino Shield, Arduino UNO and Adapter, kids can even extend the possibilities of controlling LEGO Mindstorms and EV3 robots or even create more Arduino projects!

The Phiro Arduino Shield comes with an Adapter we have created that can be placed on top of PHIRO robots.

Author : Dr. Deepti Suchindran Founder & CEO | Robotix USA. Neuroscience Ph.D. Boston, USA