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Wonder how you can make a movie with Phiro or send it on a spy mission?

Imagine the possibilities using Phiro’s Smartphone Mount!

When we first created the SmartPhone Mount, it looked like this picture below: Notice how it is attached to Phiro and you can place any Smartphone as the attachment can extend to fit it in? But, notice how the phone would be limited in position to only certain angles because of the cylindrical base attachment? Read on to see how we have made this more cooler

Now, the Smartphone Mount will look like these below pictures: Any phone can still be attached to fit, but, notice the rolling attachment in the 2nd picture? This allows Young Creators to better control the phone position, tilts, and angles based on their imaginative ideas and needs!

Imagine using a Face Following code created with Pocket Code, attaching your phone on Phiro, then making Phiro follow your face!!

How will your Young Creators use the Smartphone accessory with Phiro? Share your ideas with the world!

Dr. Deepti Suchindran
Founder&CEO Robotix USA. Neuroscience Ph.D. Boston, USA