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This Blog aims to provide resources, research, information and global events in the STEM, Robotics & coding fields.

We are excited about sharing and exchanging ideas about learning & education.

We hope Parents, educators & those interested in K12 STEM education will find these articles interesting.

Our mission is to make the next generation of children "Future Ready"


Research from MIT Media Lab, Tufts University and others have shown that digital technology and robotics is an effective way for kids to develop innovative thinking, problem solving, computational thinking, coding and STEM skills.

Since 2009, Robotix has been pushing the boundaries in robotics and STEM education in private schools in India. Our Robotix education programs are driven by these research findings to inspire the innovators of tomorrow. We enjoy seeing kids’ faces light up as they program or build a robot to make it do useful things that are meaningful to them. Another great way for kids to experience and develop their STEM skills is through futuristic robotic competitions like our Indian Robotix League, where kids learn how to design, build, program and compete their own robots in a true test of their innovative thinking skills.

We have been working hard as our company evolves and matures and we are happy to share with you some of our recent updates.

  • Mission: Our work starts from our mission statement: Inspiring The Innovators of Tomorrow
  • Robotix in USA: We have formed a satellite company, Robotix USA, LLC in Boston, led by Deepti Rao Suchindran and Aditi Prasad.
  • Creating robots for kids world-wide: We are creating robots that helps kids learn problem solving and computational thinking. We passionately believe that in today’s innovation-driven world, kids need to be problem solvers and computational thinkers.
  • Logo: We redesigned our logo and wanted to share its design evolution with you! We had used a purchased stock image for our logo several years ago and wanted to create a new logo. Here are the variations in the logo and its evolution.

Dr. Deepti Suchindran
Founder&CEO Robotix USA. Neuroscience Ph.D. Boston, USA